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Here it is! The teaser trailer for our VHS documentary, Adjust Your Tracking! The film is going to focus on the current collecting culture and show why VHS is loved by so many different people even though many try to call it a dead format. We have already put long hours into making this and collected over 30 hours worth of footage, but we are nowhere near done. We need your help. We started a Kickstarter campaign to help fund the rest of the film. Please click the link below to help us out, we will forever love you and shower you with gifts. Pass this to everyone you know. The movie will happen whether we get the money or not, but this money will help make this the absolute best possible documentary it can be. Made by the fans, for the fans.


You want to get even more involved? We are looking for permission to use any film clips you own, we also need collection footage, video store footage, original music, artwork (poster/shirt designs), and anyone who wants to be interviewed! Just message us and we can get something set up!

Leave us feedback and be honest. What do you like? What do you hate? What do we need to make sure we do before the film is finished? Etc.

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    Get involved!
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    I’m co-directing this film with VHS enthusiast Dan Kinem. We desperately need your help to fund our Kickstarter. Without...
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    rid of their tapes… not a bad reason...a Kickstarter campaign…
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    We are making a feature-length VHS documentary called Adjust Your Tracking! The film is going to focus on the current...
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    ADJUST YOUR TRACKING A documentary on VHS culture.
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    Please, for the love of VHS, help us finish this movie!
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    Love these dudes, would love to look through their stuff. Saw that “Trauma” (aka “Virgin Killer”) Wizard Vid…that’s my...