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OH MY GOOOOODDDDD!!! See what VHShitfest has been trying to conquer for well over a month: Gore-Met Zombie Chef from Hell! Watch as we tear this movie a new asshole while simultaneously semi-remaking it! We will also be releasing this movie in extremely limited VHS and DVD editions this Friday night, but keep your eyes open on the site for the exact details (including the exact time and place you’ll be able to order them) tomorrow!

Please leave feedback and let us know what you think, and also please buy a copy to see more review footage, a behind the scenes documentary, a commentary, and possibly the best print of the movie available (transferred from a sealed VHS)! You will not want to miss this! Once it is gone it is gone. Please pass this video along, comment it, favorite it, reblog it, etc. We want as many people to see this as possible.

Big shout out to Dabeedo for outdoing himself yet again and possibly making the best thing Tim and I have ever been involved in.

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    Here’s our video review for Gore-Met Zombie Chef from Hell and a reminder that DVDs/VHS go on sale at 7 p.m. eastern...
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    My latest film endeavor is here! It’s the latest and greatest VHShitfest Video Review for GORE-MET ZOMBIE CHEF FROM...
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    Please reblog this post and watch it. Details on how to get a copy of this movie will be posted tomorrow so stay tuned!
  4. stolendatatapes said: The greatest thing I have seen in my entire life. Great job, guys.
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    Everything in my life has been leading to this moment. Perhaps the proudest day of my life.
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