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chosimbaone asked: By giving me a chance to help fund Adjust Your Tracking, and being kind enough to list me as an Executive Producer, I now have an IMDb page and I feel ridiculously happy about myself. So, many thanks to you, and congrats on the documentary!

Thanks so much for the support on the movie. We really couldn’t have done it without you and the other people who donated! The least we could do is get you on IMDB. Now start bragging to all your friends and tell them to go buy the movie you have credit on in Best Buy, FYE, or any other place that carries DVDs on June 17th!

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Anonymous asked: Hey guys, just received my VHS/DVD copy of Adjust Your Tracking and you guys did a great job, really enjoyed it. Loved all the extras content you packed in. Is there another horror vhs collectors unite vhs convention being planned for this year? I've never been to one and seen in the past they've been in May and usually announced by March.

Sorry I am getting to this message so late. I just saw it and have no idea when it was asked, but the next VHS convention is actually this Saturday, the 24th! Anyone in the Stroudsburg, PA area make sure to stop by the Sherman Theater and have a good time!